Being Lazy Leads to PR?

In what world does being lazy even lead to getting a PR (personal record, personal best)? I got a PR today in duration. Not much of one, but hey, I’ll take it.

So a few weeks ago I celebrated my 27th birthday. I attempted to do the next week in my intervals program and failed miserably. My ankle hurt pretty badly after that (history of a few breaks and torn tendons) so I gave it a few days of rest. Fast forward to this last week I was just plain lazy and didn’t run. I walked on my run days and walked on my walk days. I still got to the gym 4 days last week (don’t even ask about Monday) but I’m supposed to be pushing myself.

So on Friday┬ámorning, near the end of my walk, I started to worry about far behind I’d gotten in my program. Thus far I’ve been able to run about 2.5 minutes. I know that’s not a lot, but I’ve never really tried to run much before. So I flipped on one of my favorite songs to run to (Whatever It Takes by Imagine Dragons) and set the treadmill to a moderately slow pace (but about half an mph faster than I normally run) and run for as long as my legs let me. I ran the entire length of the song, 3:22. I tried to keep going but my legs threatened to buckle so I stopped. But lookitthat PR!

I’m happy because I’m not behind and I’m happy because I’m making progress. I didn’t do the best with eating this week, but I’m shrugging it off and getting right back to my plan. Can’t dwell on these things. I am going to tape my ankle with KT Tape and hopefully it will be as ready as I am to tear up that treadmill on Tuesday.

I surprised myself today (still don’t want to step on that scale though).

What did you do to surprise yourself this week?